Services (a la carte)

mydietribe offers a variety of services, including –

Wellness (physical, emotional, financial, etc.):

  • Wellness assessment & personalized recommendations
  • Healthy eating strategies for medical conditions and/or improved health
  • Meal planning
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Organizational strategies & coaching
  • Mindfulness training
  • Support

Food Allergies:

  • Restaurant / food service  education & training: Menu planning; safe preparation, food handling & food service protocols to and near food allergic guests
  • Educational institutions: Development of food allergy awareness programs; education & training re: safe preparation, food handling & food service protocols to and near food allergic students
  • Individuals & families: Real-life strategies for adapting to a food allergy diagnosis; lifestyle coaching & support after a food allergy diagnosis; healthy eating strategies inclusive of meal planning, shopping & food preparation.

Other, including Speaking, Writing, Presentations:

Catherine is available for public speaking, writing, presentation development and curriculum development. Examples include:

  • Public speaking on wellness topics at industry events, in educational settings, at conferences
  • Interviews for and/or development of articles for publication on blogs, in books/ebooks
  • Development of presentations to be delivered by others at applicable events
  • Curriculum development for educational organizations, non-profits

Contact Catherine with inquiries.

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