From Despair to Abundance

Yes, even wellness and life coaches have tough times, and this week has been a doozy. Nothing earth-shattering or life-threatening, thankfully, but it has been a rough enough week that it has caused me to pause and reflect on everything from my daily routine to what I truly want from life. Sometimes we need to take that type of break, and, sometimes, we need to let ourselves get to an emotional breaking point in order to figure sh*t out.

That is the kind of week I have been having.

Last week, I was on vacation in an off-the-grid-location. This week, re-entry has been anything but smooth. I went from feeling rested and happy, to feeling drained, depressed, and overwhelmed. In a matter of days. And that is simply not like me.

Today, as I was meditating on this dilemma, I started crying. Then I realized why: I have not been living from a place of authenticity and abundance. In recent months, I have let my obligations dictate who I am, how and where I spend my time, and how I make a living. I have moved away from my wellness practice and my writing – both of which inspire me, and give me an unparalleled sense of purpose – in favor of my Day Job. This is limiting behavior, it is fear-based, and it is not living from a place of abundance. Don’t get me wrong. I am immensely grateful for my Day Job; I am good at it, I love the people with whom I work, and it allows me the ability to take care of myself and my family in many ways. And yet, it is not who I am, nor who I want to be.

So, for today, I will remind myself that when I tell myself anything that can be categorized as “I can’t” stories, that is my ego holding me back. And when I tell myself “I can” stories, I am opening myself up to abundance. I am sitting down and writing this post, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable to whomever may read it, and I am saying, “I’m not perfect, but I have value and I need to share my gifts with the world.”




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