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mydietribe’s Catherine Mason named Wellness Advisor at Project Rebirth – April, 2014

Project Rebirth has named Catherine Mason as its Wellness Advisor. In this role, Catherine will develop & deliver wellness curriculum to resiliency programs offered by this wonderful non-profit organization.

mydietribe’s Catherine Mason Selected as Contributing Author for Transfer of Health – February 5, 2012

Transfer of Health has selected mydietribe’s Tribe Leader & Chief Wellness Coach, Catherine Mason, as a contributing author. Catherine will write weekly articles on topics related to simple and sustainable health and wellness practices and tips.

Trader Joe’s Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Pizza for Undisclosed Wheat Ingredient – March 30, 2011

As reported by various reputable news sources and Trader Joe’s, the grocery retailer has voluntarily recalled its Pizza Al Pollo Asado product from the shelves because it contains trace amounts of wheat, which was not listed in the ingredients. Wheat is a known allergen and can cause extreme reactions in people who have Celiac Disease. Bravo to Trader Joe’s for proactively managing this. I’ve always been a fan of Trader Joe’s and shop there often. They are a friend to those of us who have food allergies and this move gives them bonus points in my book.

Tax Deductions for CeliacsMarch, 2011

Did you know that those of us with Celiac Disease (and other diagnosed food allergies) are eligible for legitimate tax deductions for gluten-free food, travel and medical education expenses? It takes some work to keep track of the eligible expenses, but may be worth it if the deductions offset some of the extra money you’re spending on food to accommodate your allergies. Get more information here and here, and be sure talk to your trusted tax professional.

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