Thank you, dear clients, for your testimonials.

Steven & Kate M., Wellness clients

“We wanted to make a change in our lifestyle but didn’t know how. With full-time jobs and children we were just so tired, and we didn’t have free time. Every diet we tried was worse than the next, and nothing had lasting results. Plus our kids were still eating mac & cheese while we were eating salads. Our house was cluttered, we were overwhelmed. Nothing seemed to dig us out of the hole, out of the quiet desperation of our lives. Then we were referred to Catherine.

Honestly, we were skeptical. We didn’t want to try yet another “system” that stopped working when after a few months. Catherine is amazing – she is part therapist, part lifestyle trainer and part wellness coach. We told her what we wanted to change, and she helped us create a system that works specifically in our lives. We’re healthier, happier and far less stressed than we used to be. We eat one healthy, delicious dinner as a family each night, our house is in order, our bills are paid, it’s amazing. We can’t say enough about Catherine.”

Mary S., Food allergy adjustment & healthy lifestyle client

“Every new day I have without a migraine I owe to Catherine. Without her guidance I would have continued my life accepting that my days came with pain and no answers. In consulting with her on a laundry list of ‘syndromes’ that I had been diagnosed with throughout my life [including but not limited to migraines, digestive problems, extreme fatigue, hives and even anxiety] she advised and educated me on proper food allergen testing. I knew what questions to ask my doctor and where to seek out answers thanks to her expert advice.

Once I finally had my answer she worked with my current lifestyle to create a plan that made the transition to Gluten/Casein/Soy free living effortless. I felt comfortable in knowing what to expect physically and emotionally as my body made the adjustment to ‘true’ health. Catherine is passionate about helping people obtain their wellness potential and it is clear by the way she works with each of her clients. No two people in her tribe are the same and each one of them gets special treatment from the leader, Catherine Mason. Whether you have a food intolerance, think you have a food intolerance or just want expert [and custom] wellness guidance I can’t recommend anyone more than her.”

Cindy T., Food allergy adjustment & healthy lifestyle client

“I knew I had to make a change in my life but didn’t know where to start. I was diagnosed with food allergies and my doctor recommended that I work with Catherine. As someone with food allergies and a person who had figured out how to live a happy and healthy life, I knew right away that Catherine could help me. There was no emotion that she hadn’t felt herself, and she gave me a safe and manageable way to make the necessary changes to my diet and my life. I have kids and Catherine taught me how to live her ‘one family, one meal’ philosophy. Now, me and my family are living a better life thanks to mydietribe and Catherine.”

Diane L., Healthy lifestyle client

“My life was a mess and a friend suggested I work with a Wellness Coach. To be honest I felt like spending money on someone telling me what I already knew I should be doing was a complete waste. The truth is, I didn’t understand what a Wellness Coach is and how invaluable they can be. I was desperate enough to make a change that I contact Catherine for a free consultation. And am I glad I did!

Every area of my life was in shambles. I was in debt, I couldn’t seem to stay on top of my schedule, my laundry, my life. And my health was a wreck. I was overweight, out of shape, tired all the time and my diet was very poor. I had no idea where to get started and I felt defeated before I even started and I wasn’t that confident that a Wellness Coach could help. So I was pleasanlty surprised when Catherine made me feel empowered.

By working with Catherine I learned, as she says, “simple and sustainable ways to make a lifestyle change”. It wasn’t a quick fix that stopped working when Catherine went away. I learned ways to change my choices and get the life I wanted. I eat healthier, I manage my time better, I have money in my checking account! I can’t say enough about Catherine, she’s the best!”

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